Asli lucu: Bulgarian Idol, lagunya: Ken Lee

Setaon yg lalu.. atau mungkin lebih tua daripada itu, aku menerima email dari seorang teman yg berisi video di bawah ini…

The future Bulgarian Idol..

Ga ngerti bahasa bulgaria? jangan kuatir, subtitle englishnya sudah included.

Monggo di tonton:


:ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

Kabarnya, dia sekarang sangat populer lho di bulgaria, ya iyaa lahhh.. kita yg di Indonesia aja jadi tau, pa lagi yg di sono 😀 .

Komentar anda ? ditunggu lho.. monggo di bawah ya…

Apa komentar mereka yg udah nonton:

Wingsymphony (2 hours ago)
LOL, the female judge is? trying her best not to laugh. XD

chazyfm (3 hours ago)
"Tulibu dibu douchoo"
Such? poetry. 😀

Brandonkevincardona (5 hours ago)
Wow what a complete and total FAIL I mean okay she decided to go up there and sing she is already takin a chance at soundin horrible and bein turned away and then she totally messes up the song from a fail scale from 1-10 I give it a 9 y not a? 10 because she knew who the artist was to the song she was tryin to sing :p

Ducha060 (13 hours ago)

buhahaha ;d
I love it? ;p

lelodsik12 (5 hours ago)


sie1556 (8 hours ago)

ken leeeeeeee !! xDD? omg this is soo funny!

pyriel8 (11 hours ago)

oWned ! 😀 ahahahahah?

bekooguyschill (13 hours ago)

LOL are you serious? Kennn leeeeeee? this page anymore after i seen this.

LALADAVID10 (1 day ago)

i love judge´s face in 0:049 LOL
ken lee rocks!!!?

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